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The Living Heritage Foundation/LHF

Our Mission

Our Mission


    The Living Heritage Foundation (LHF) is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation      

   with  a unique mission -- 

   Through fiscal sponsorship, special projects, mentoring, and grant-giving,  LHF advances the careers of accomplished arts and media professionals who have taken time to enrich our programming by presenting works by or about African Americans or women of note. - topics so often underserved.

   Many donors give scholarships and grants to students and aspiring artists, but they often forget this deserving, hard-working group - accomplished artists who are all independent contractors.  They, who are often well-known, must fund their own agents, auditions, coaching,  health care, and special projects,  which enrich us all.  We give to these givers !!!

   To participate, artists may email The Living Heritage Foundation at each January or September for a competitive grant application or at any time during the year for a fiscal sponsorship application to receive tax-deductible donations from others for their projects and for needs to advance their careers.




Our Programs

Our Programs
Fiscal Sponsorship

     We offer fiscal sponsorship so that others can give tax deductible gifts to advance our artists' projects & careers.


Special Projects

  We co-sponsor/sponsor special projects, such as films, concerts, exhibits, and publications, that advance our mission 


The Living Heritage Foundation (LHF) offers competitive and emergency grants to those who have taken time to present art works or media about African Americans and women of note.

Take a look at what we do

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    Contact us


c/o LHF

123 Mint Leaf Way

Sacramento, CA 95838


Donations are tax deductible.--


Write for an LHF application here:

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